OSHA Guide – Cranes and Derricks in Construction

Section 1432 – Multiple-Crane/Derrick Lifts

Lifts in which more than one crane or derrick is used require careful planning and precise coordination. It is particularly important to determine how the weight of the load will be distributed among the multiple pieces of equipment during all phases of the operation to ensure that all are operated within their rated capacities. Accordingly, when more than one crane/derrick is used to support the load, a plan must be developed and implemented. The plan must be developed by a qualified person and be designed to ensure that all requirements of this standard are met. Where the qualified person determines that engineering expertise is needed for the planning, the employer must ensure that it is provided.

The multiple-crane/derrick lift must be directed by a lift director who meets the criteria for both a competent person and a qualified person, or by a competent person who is assisted by one or more qualified persons. The lift director must review the plan in a meeting with all workers who will be involved with the operation.