OSHA Guide – Cranes and Derricks in Construction

Section 1424 – Work Area Control

This section is designed to protect employees who work near a crane from being struck or crushed by the crane’s rotating superstructure. To prevent employees from entering an area where they could be struck/crushed, you must:

  • Train each employee assigned to work on or near the equipment in how to recognize struck-by and pinch/crush hazard areas posed by the rotating superstructure
  • Erect and maintain control lines, warning lines, railings, or similar barriers to mark the boundaries of the hazard areas. Exception: When you can demonstrate that it is neither feasible to erect such barriers on the ground nor on the equipment, the hazard areas must be clearly marked by a combination of warning signs (such as “Danger – Swing/Crush Zone”) and high visibility markings on the equipment that identify the hazard areas. In addition, you must train each employee to understand what these markings signify

Before an employee goes to a location in the hazard area that is out of view of the operator, the employee (or someone instructed by the employee) ensures that the operator is informed that he/she is going to that location. Where the operator knows that an employee went to such a location, the operator must not rotate the superstructure until the operator is informed in accord with a pre-arranged system of communication that the employee is in a safe position.