OSHA Guide – Cranes and Derricks in Construction

Section 1429 – Qualifications of Maintenance & Repair Employees

Improper crane maintenance and repair can lead to dangerous equipment failure. To ensure that maintenance and repair employees are qualified to perform their assigned tasks, this section requires maintenance and repair personnel to meet the definition of a qualified person with respect to the equipment and maintenance/repair tasks they perform. The definition of “qualified person” is found in section 1401.

Some maintenance and repair tasks may require the maintenance and repair personnel to operate the equipment to diagnose a problem or check its operation. Such personnel need not be qualified or certified under section 1427 to operate the equipment as long as the following requirements are met:

  • The operation is limited to those functions necessary to perform maintenance, inspect the equipment, or verify its performance, and
  • The personnel either:
    • Operate the equipment under the direct supervision of an operator who meets the qualification/certification requirements of section 1427, or
    • Are familiar with the operation, limitations, characteristics, and hazards associated with the type of equipment