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April 30, 2024 / Cleveland, OH 

Shining a Light on Swaging

Assembly Specialty Products Invests In Renewable Energy With Rooftop Solar Installation

In line with its goal to maximize efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint Assembly Specialty announced the completion of a 309-kWh rooftop solar installation consisting of 600 solar panels generating approximately 80% of the energy usage at their 45,000 Sq Ft. manufacturing facility.

“At Assembly Specialty Products, we are focused on reducing cost, operating responsibly and reducing our impact on the environment.” said Steve Konig, Assembly Specialty’s COO. “Investing in renewable energy reduces operating costs and is an important step in reducing associated emissions.

Thanks to the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Bonus Depreciation, the ROI on the investment is approx. 6 years. With the improvements in solar panel efficiency and a 25–30-year life expectancy energy savings are $1,000,000.00. There are additional tax credits available in some regions that can make green energy even more attractive. This investment is not only environmentally friendly it also makes good cents.

 About Assembly Specialty Products. Inc.

Assembly Specialty is a leader in design, testing and manufacturing of swaged wire rope fittings and custom fabricated/OEM wire rope assemblies for over 50 years.