Understanding Strand Markers & Core Markers

Wire rope manufactured in the U.S. normally has some type of colored marker to identify the manufacturer. Two types of markers may be used—strand markers and core markers.

A strand marker can be seen by looking at the wire rope; it is simply a colored lubricant applied externally to one strand during manufacture. Strand markers are not used in mining rope, elevator rope, galvanized rope, compacted rope or any rope that is post-lubricated. Strand markers are used in the manufacture of all standard (round) wire ropes but are not a confirmation of the manufacturer in and of itself.

Core markers are used in most wire rope manufactured in the U. S., but cannot be seen unless the wire rope is disassembled. Manufacturers add colored threads of filaments to fiber and steel cores.

Every Bethlehem Wire Rope product contains one or both types of markers. Wirerope Works uses a purple strand in the manufacture of all standard EIP and EEIP Bethlehem Wire Rope, excluding those ropes cited previously. In addition, every Bethlehem Wire Rope product contains two filaments in the core (either fiber or steel)—one yellow and one purple filament.