Bethlehem Structural Strand (SS-265™) is a high strength structural strand designed specifically for use in tower applications. Compared with standard structural strand, SS-265 offers an increase in minimum breaking force of 15% above the values for strand manufactured to specification ASTM-A586. Using SS-265 also offers these advantages:

  • Reduced Structural Strand Diameter—Now that designers can utilize a smaller diameter strand for the guying system, SS-265 offers a lower cost per foot, allowing the user to cut valuable dollars from the cost of a project.
  • Smaller Fittings—Many fittings manufactured for standard strand may be used with the SS-265, thereby offering a lower cost per unit and adding further cost reductions.
  • Decreased Total Weight—Because of SS-265’s reduced strand diameter, the total weight of the guys also is reduced.

For users who opt to use SS-265 without downsizing the diameter of the strand, other benefits apply. For example, using a 2-inch diameter as an example, the minimum breaking force increases from 245 tons to SS-265’s 282 tons. The higher strength results in an increased factor of the guying system. SS-265 also may be used in other applications where structural strand manufactured to ASTM-A586 is utilized.