Hoisting and Rigging Standard

Operational Tests

The following shall be tested during an initial test:

  1. Load lifting and lowering mechanisms
  2. Boom lifting and lowering mechanisms
  3. Boom extension and retraction mechanism
  4. Swinging mechanism
  5. Travel mechanism
  6. Safety devices

Rated Load Test

  1. Prior to initial use, all cranes in which load sustaining parts have been modified, replaced, or repaired shall be load-tested by a qualified inspector or under the direction of that inspector. All rated load tests shall be performed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. A designated or authorized person shall determine if repairs made to a crane are extensive and require a rated load test, or if repairs are routine maintenance and require only operational testing. The replacement of rope is excluded from this requirement. However, a functional test of the crane under a normal operating load should be made prior to putting it back in service
  2. Test weights shall not exceed 110 percent of the rated capacity and shall be accurate to within –5 percent, +0 percent of stipulated values.NOTE: Load tests shall not be conducted in locations where the lift meets the definition of a critical lift (see Chapter 1, “Terminology and Definitions”)
  3. A written report shall be furnished by the inspector showing test procedures and confirming the adequacy of repairs or alterations. Test reports shall be kept on file and shall be readily available to appointed personnel