TRIPLE-PAC Wire Rope ChartStrands: 6
Wires per strand: 26/31 or 36
Core: IWRC
Standard grade(s): Royal Purple Plus
Lay: Right Regular

TRIPLE-PAC was developed for the most demanding hoist applications. TRIPLE-PAC offers the extra high strength and crushing resistance needed for applications such as boom hoist ropes, boom pendants and multipart load lines.

TRIPLE-PAC provides superior abrasion and fatigue resistance as compared with most compacted ropes due to WW’s unique design of compacting the IWRC, individual strands and the rope itself. Other benefits include:

High Strength. TRIPLE-PAC is designed to provide a nominal strength of 35% above EIP. WW achieves this strength through selected grades of steel and TRIPLEPAC’s unique design and manufacturing processes.

Superior Resistance to Multilayer Drum Crushing. TRIPLE-PAC provides superior resistance to crushing through its design. Its triple compaction provides a denser cross section, enabling the rope to withstand the rigors of multilayer spooling. Damage at the cross over points is also significantly reduced.

In addition, TRIPLE-PAC’s design increases the amount of wire contact with sheaves and drums, reducing wire rope, drum and sheave wear.


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