Super Flex Pac 19 Wire Rope ChartStrands: 19
Wires per strand: 7/19
Core: WSC
Standard grade(s): Royal Purple
Lay: Right Regular
Finish: Bright

SFP 19 is recommended for both multipart load and single-part fast line applications where rotational stability of the lifted load is needed, such as for use as a long fall on offshore pedestal cranes, rough and all terrain cranes, and crawler cranes. SFP 19 provides:

Fatigue Resistance. Improved fatigue properties are derived through the combination of the flexible 19×19 construction and die drawn strands.  The drawn strand surfaces minimize the interstrand and interlayer nicking that take place in round rotation resistant ropes.

Abrasion Resistance. Die drawn ropes provide improved abrasion resistance as compared with round wire ropes because of the greater wire and strand bearing surfaces contacting sheaves and drums.

Resistance to Drum Crushing. SFP 19 wire ropes are resistant to the effects of drum crushing due to the compacted strands and smoothness of the rope surface.

Super Flex Pac 19 Wire Rope

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