Spin-Resistant Wire Rope Chart8×19 Classification

Strands: 8
Wires per strand: 19 to 25
Core: IWRC
Standard grade(s): Purple Plus
Lay: Right Regular
Finish: Bright

The 8×19 Classification rotation resistant ropes are recommended for hoisting unguided loads with a single-part or multipart line.  The eight outer strands are manufactured in right lay, with the inner strands being left lay.  These ropes are slightly stronger and significantly more rugged than the 19×7 construction. However, the rotation-resistant properties of the 8×19 rotation-resistant ropes are much less than those of the 19×7 construction.  These ropes are manufactured in right regular lay in the 8×19 Seale and 8×25 Filler Wire constructions.

Spin-Resistant Wire Rope

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