Alternate Lay Wire Rope ChartStrands: 6
Wires per strand: 26
Core: IWRC
Standard Grade: Purple Plus
Lay: Combination
Finish: Bright

Alternate Lay, sometimes referred to as reverse lay, is a stranded rope where the type of lay of the outer strands is alternately regular lay followed by lang lay such that three of the outer strands are regular lay and three are lang lay.  Alternate lay wire rope has the extra flexibility of lang lay in combination with the structural stability of regular lay. It unites the best features of both types of wire rope.  Alternate lay is made with relatively large outer wires to provide increase of abrasion resistance to scrubbing against sheaves and drums. Finer inside wires and flexibility enable alternate lay ropes to absorb severe bending stresses. It is well suited to winding applications where abrasion and crushing can occur.  Alternate lay wire rope applications include boom hoists and numerous types of excavating equipment like clamshells, shovels, cranes, winches and scrapers.

Alternate Lay Wire Rope

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