8-Pac Wire Rope ChartStrands: 8
Wires per strand: 19 to 36
Core: Plastic filled (BXL)
Standard grade(s): Royal Purple
Lay: Right
Finish: Bright

8-PAC is recommended for hoist ropes for steel mill ladle cranes and hoist and trolley ropes for container cranes, or other hoisting applications with heavy duty cycles or where severe bending occurs.

Other features of 8-PAC include: Superior Performance. 8-PAC has higher breaking strength and gives superior performance in difficult hoisting applications compared to standard 6-strand and 6-strand compacted ropes.

Abrasion Resistance. 8‑PAC compacted strand design provides improved abrasion resistance as compared to standard 6 and 8 strand ropes because of the increased wire and strand surfaces contacting the sheaves and drums.

Superior Flexibility. 8‑PAC is significantly more flexible than standard 6 and compacted 6 strand ropes with better spooling and longer service life.

Resistance To Multilayer

Drum Crushing. 8-PAC’s plasticfilled (BXL) core offers increased resistance to crushing through better support of the outer strands.

8-Pac Wire Rope

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