6x7 Class Wire Rope ChartStrands: 6
Wires per strand: 7
Core: Fiber core
Standard grade(s): Purple
Lay: Regular or Lang
Finish: Bright or galvanized

This construction is used where ropes are dragged on the ground or over rollers, and resistance to wear and abrasion are important factors.  The wires are quite large and will stand a great deal of wear. In fact, this construction is sometimes called “coarse laid” because of the large wires.  The 6×7 is a stiff rope and needs sheaves and drums of large size. It will not withstand bending stresses as well as ropes with smaller wires. Because of the small number of wires, with the resulting higher percentage of load carried by each wire, a larger factor of safety should be considered with 6×7 ropes than with ropes having a larger number of wires.

6x7 Wire Rope

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