6-PAC Wire Rope ChartStrands: 6
Wires per strand: 19 to 36
Core: IWRC
Standard grade(s): Royal Purple
Lay: Right Regular
Finish: Bright

6-PAC is recommended for use where the rope is subjected to heavy use or where conditions are extremely abusive, such as offshore pedestal, crawler and lattice boom equipped truck crane boom hoist applications. 6‑PAC is also recommended for winch lines, overhead cranes, multipart hoist lines where rotation-resistant ropes are not required, and other applications where flexibility, high strength and resistance to crushing are important, and a cost‑effective 6‑strand rope is desired.

6‑PAC provides:

Fatigue Resistance. Improved fatigue properties are derived from the combination of 6‑PAC’s flexible constructions and the compacted strands. The compacted strand surface minimizes the interstrand and interlayer nicking that take place in standard 6‑trand ropes.

Abrasion Resistance. 6‑PAC’s compacted strand design provides improved abrasion resistance as compared to standard 6‑trand ropes because of the increased wire and strand surfaces contacting sheaves and drums.

Flexibility. 6‑PAC’s design provides increased flexibility, making it easy to install, and 6‑AC also offers better spooling at high line speeds.

Resistance To Multilayer

Drum Crushing. 6-PAC dramatically increases the amount of wire contact with the drums and sheaves, reducing the wire rope, sheave and drum wear normally associated with standard wire rope.

Damage at the crossover points is also reduced.

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