Case Studies

Your ‘Back Room’


A world-renowned amusement park with hundreds of thrill rides and for whom visitor safety is a top priority.

Customer Challenge

As part of a maintenance program, the amusement park needed to replace custom fabricated wire rope assemblies on a thrill ride in time for opening day. A quick turnaround time was paramount. As these assemblies are unique and non-standard, the original vendor quoted an unacceptably long delivery date so park management contacted a local rigging and crane service provider for help.

The local service provider knew to contact Assembly Specialty for custom fittings and wire rope assemblies. We frequently collaborate with rigging shops around the country (acting as their “back room”), which enables them to expand their capability and meet a far greater range of customers’ needs.

Assembly Specialty Solution

Working closely with the local rigging shop and theme park, the assemblies were delivered for inspection and duplication. They consisted of a 58mm diameter wire rope with a 3-1/2” swaged diameter eye terminal on one end and a threaded stud with 24” of 2-1/2” – 8 threads on the other end. Assembly Specialty’s engineering staff determined that a smaller, high-strength 52mm wire rope could be used as an alternative, which lowered the cost of the wire rope and made the assemblies lighter and easier to install. The fittings were produced on one of our computer controlled lathes and machining centers and swaged on the rope by the rigging shop.

Working seamlessly on behalf of the local rigging shop, the improved custom fabricated assemblies were provided in a timely manner and at a reduced cost.

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