Wire Rope

6×19 Class Wire Rope

6x19 Wire RopeStrands: 6
Wires per strand: 19 to 26
Core: IWRC or fiber core
Standard Grade: Purple Plus
Lay: Regular or Lang
Finish: Bright or galvanized

The 6×19 Classification of wire rope is the most widely used. With its good combination of flexibility and wear resistance, rope in this class can be suited to the specific needs of diverse kinds of machinery and equipment. The 6×19 Seale construction, with its large outer wires, provides great ruggedness and resistance to abrasion and crushing. However, its resistance to fatigue is somewhat less than that offered by a 6×25 construction. The 6×25 possesses the best combination of flexibility and wear resistance in the 6×19 Class due to the filler wires providing support and imparting stability to the strand. The 6×26 Warrington Seale construction has a high resistance to crushing.

This construction is a good choice where the end user needs the wear resistance of a 6×19 Class Rope and the flexibility midway between a 6×19 Class and 6×37 Class rope.