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Don’t Eat the Marshmallow: Self-discipline – The power of postponing instant gratification in pursuit of a greater reward

Assembly Specialty recently completed our three year ISO 9001:2008 recertification audit. As with each required annual audit, it forced us to pay extra attention to the processes and procedures that we have implemented. The result was a successful recertification audit that reminded us of the value and importance of having operating procedures and tracking our […]

Perception is reality… or is it?

Recently, Assembly Specialty hired a consultant to talk with a dozen of our customers, and even a few competitors, in order to learn what their perceptions are about our company. Although we received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the quality of our work, timeliness of our shipments, and our customer service team, we found that many people, even […]

Getting ROI on ISO

When considering whether or not to get ISO certified companies are asking what’s in it for us. It’s easy to see that benefits can be gained from improving processes and documenting quality measures, but will we ever get our money back, ideally with interest? The financial investment and time commitment to get certified is considerable. […]